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OMG GUYS guys... I was just sweet-talking to my pet corn snake and my FACE WENT BRIGHT HOT RED. MY SNAKE... MADE ME... BLUSH.... OMG. SNAAAAKIE!!!!! QvQ *squees* *not even joking srs*


Also, I've decided to start my own NOIBAT SWARM in my XY game!! In order to collect as many ID's as I can for lottery, I wanna trade for noibats!! I choose noibat because they're extra cute and I love them and they work well in swarms rather than helioptiles... IMO! Here's the catch though.... I wanna keep my batties and I want them to be special so I need anyone who can give me 1 noibat to give it a name. But a meaningful and/or REAL name, nothing that's one of those dumb names or whatever. So far I have 1 noibat, Gary from Skins!! I need lot's of batties, so whoever wanna help me out, I will try to get a pokemon you like too. Let us all arrange for trades to get IDs!! OvO Please...

OH, I also finally made my bone cookies today!! And they're EDIBLE!!! I hope I can take photos tomorrow...
23rd-Oct-2013 10:50 pm - Pokemon F-Codes? [pokemon-xy]
Hello, just a quick update to my Pokemon friends!! If anyone would like to exchange F-codes, let's hook up!!

Mine is... 0963-0160-9510.

I can provide "Polar" scatterbuggies. Currently not breeding yet, but can do so in the future. I'm also looking for a female Noibat, please... ;v;
I'm sick with a naaasty cold! So yucky. :C A few days ago I got sick with nausea and threw up, which is a pretty uncommon thing for me to get tbh, then I tried resting to try to get the feeling to go away. When I woke up, my throat was in so much pain, one of those BAD bad sore throats that feels like strep. I didn't know what it was at the time, and this was all on Friday. Then on Saturday my throat was worse... and it was magical Pokemon release day!! Even though my throat was so bad, I still trudged through it all. Ryan was working later that night but since it was my special day, he was SUPER-DUPER SWEET and AWESOME, and came over to hang with me a little and help me pick my game up!!! QvQ I was sooo lucky, there was no lineup at my EB Games store at ALL, since I came later in the afternoon. I is so smart! ^o^ Then Ry and I went drawing and I waited to play my game, cause I have tons of time anyways and can be patient.

I've been playing the last couple days on and off, and for me it's pretty difficult, but fun none-the-less!! Since I'm a somewhat srs EV-trainer, and since I have NO EV training refs to use for the new pokemon OR movepool and egg-move refs, training "permanent" pokemon is sorta impossible atm, and it's pretty disappointing. I wanna know the movesets and EVs so bad, I check multiple times a day to check if they put the info up, which I have a good feeling won't be available for quite a while. I'm thinking I should bring my BW game out and try to raise pokemon to transfer, since that game of mine has much more available breeding programs I can use to hopefully reproduce my fav 'mons. Bleh... I wish the XY info was fucking available!!!! DX

Today was sorta another lowday, because of my cold. It was early this morning when I realised that my sickness was a cold, because the stuffed nose kicked in, and thank God my sore throat isn't hurting so much anymore!! I'm sorta relieved it's just a cold though because I was considering a possible fever or strep, or whatever, mainly because my throat was in so much pain and the nausea before that. ^^'

In other health news, my stomach has been acting bad lately and so I need to try to get a doc appointment soon after my parents come home from vacation. I've been having a huge increase in hunger, no matter how I try to keep my stomach full. I try to eat good portions, but then I swear to God, half hour to 2 hours my stomach starts to hurt really badly with hunger, even if I don't wanna eat. I hate it so much because I don't wanna eat more, I wanna eat LESS so I have a tiny chance at losing a tiny bit of weight!! I know there's something wrong with my tummy... :C I tried to research possible causes for increased hunger and the most likely cause seems to be T1 Diabetes, which I've always assumed I would get eventually because of reasons.... BUT.... I got my frikken' blood tested earlier this year and got my sugar checked and it was fine!! So I'm worried that nothing will be found. T^T Only time will tell, but my hunger issues are so annoying that I'll get it checked as soon as I can.

Another thing regarding pokemonXY... I really want a noibat but they can only be caught later in the game at Victory Road and whatnot. If anyone on my F-list gets there soonish, might I be able to trade for any female one, please?? OvO ALSO I can trade with anyone version exclusive pokemon who needs 'mons from Y!! So far I'm at Route 10, so I can get any parfume-birdy!! I'll even try to find certain natures and genders! I'm also wanting Charizarnite X, will trade another mega stone when I get them and I don't want them... I'll make a list in the future.

I guess that's it for now. I wanna actually play more PkmnY, I REALLY need to train my current pokemon to challenge the 2nd gym, orz. My whole team is really bad... most are fire-type... the gym is rock!! AHH I'm screwed, lol. Might wanna catch some eevees, need the whole eevee-gang eventually. Also need to sleep soon, need rest to recover from cold.
11th-Oct-2013 07:58 pm - Pokemonssss.... [mew, pokemon-xy]
Bleh. I have to wait till tomorrow for my Pokemons, it sucks. But I'm being as patient as I can be! I'm curious about how long my store's lineup will be.

Also, I want Mega Mew to be a reality, I pray to God it's leaked soon and I can explode from my perfect mew world. Oh God, Mega Mew please!! Need precious mew-god baby. QvQ

Once I get my game tomorrow I'll start adding friend codes from anyone who would like to exchange!! But I wanna wait for my game first.
I'm suppossed to be sleeping right now but I've been holding back on reporting my utter DESIRES for Pokemon XY, and oh gosh I need to RELEASE!!

Before anyone frets, I'm totally cutting this so my F-List doesn't get spoiled when or if they don't want it!Collapse )

In other news, lot's is going on sorta, in the past few days at least. I'm having an early Thanksgiving this year because my parents won't be home, as they're going away to Europe for 2 weeks soon. But I told Mom that we just GOTTA HAVE Thanksgiving!! So we're having it early.... later TODAY!!! YAAAYY!! SO FUCKING EXCITED..... AGAIN!!! REALLY looking forward to it, gonna try to have a wicked day today!!

As for my personal problems, I'm trying to put it on the sideburner for now, and trying to focus on more important matters, things I actually have control over. I mean, I'm still having problems and they're horrible, but I've done all I can do for now and I REALLY don't wanna be depressed. So it's sorta on haitus I guess. I just wanna be happy right now, and I need to focus on the great things I have rather than the things I don't. ^^' TRYING!!!

I sorta have more stuff I wish I could talk about but I really need to get some sleep... I just felt so excited about pokemon and really wanted to talk about it, mew!!
*Sigh* I haven't written anything in a few months, ever since Sashay passed away it would seem. Life has been full of ups and downs, mostly downs but... meh. This entire year has been generally horrendous to be honest, mostly due to one single event, lol. But it wasn't with Sashay.

Well, at the end of July I had a birthday, so I'm 28 now, yuck. I remember that it was a really good day because Ryan was able to get the day off work and spend it with me, and it was wonderful. We went to this place called "Mito Sushi" and even though I haaaate Japanese food, they have this awesome thing that I've fallen for that is curry katsu chicken don, soooo yummy. So Ryan took me there and then we went to see Pacific Rim, which was awesome!! The kaiju's were soooo damn adorable, waaaa!!

I've gotten back into playing MapleStory, oh dear. I made a bunch of new characters, including ones that don't represent myself like Phantom and Luminous, and I made an Eckhart mockoff cause I frikken' love him, gah. It's been really enjoyable because I never have anything better to do with my life so it's a nice thing to be able to do in my infinite pasttime.

I don't really go to Tim Hortons to draw anymore... maybe I'll go once or twice a week but meh. Another thing I've been able to do this summer to continue with my driving lessons, which has been going smoothly. I feel a lot more comfortable driving and it even feels nice most of the time. I get weekly lessons and am closing to the end of them, and afterwards I can try for my G2 liscense. I still have my fuckups though, which is horrible and embarrassing, and I'm scared I'll fuck up my test when it happens. :S

My biggest issue this summer has been basically losing my best friend in the entire world and I've been pretty mentally damaged by the entire situation. The entire spring and summer and even merging into fall has been spent with the feeling of complete lonliness, so obviously it's a shitty year to say the least. My best friend basically had this amazing thing happen to her, where she was able to find an amazing boyfriend, one of the things both her and I wanted to happen, cause of course I hated seeing her without a guy cause she was that awesome...? Then... she completely ditches me. It's been the worst situation ever... or at least in a long time. This person was so sooo important to me, like a sister even. I tried to plan a schedule with her so that her and I could still have decent enough time together and yet she could still have a special day with her boyfriend, but after a week or 2 of doing the scehdule she broke off and just stopped seeing me altogether and then blamed it all on not having enough time because of work. OH but her boyfriend was good enough to plan time with. So he's worth making time for and I was not. So she just stopped calling, stopping talking to me altogether. I started feeling cold towards her, because it was like I didn't even know her anymore, and I feel shy around strangers which is what she had become. Then I tried to confront her about the situation in email, to which she responded saying it was my fault... because I was acting cold towards her was the reason she stopped contacting me to give me "time". So I simply wrote back to apologize about being cold to her. And that was really it. She went back to ignoring me in every way possible, with the exception of dropping by on my birthday to give me giftcards, and then I pretty much never heard from her again. It's one of the most painful experiences I've ever had, to have her hurt me so incredibly much, it feels like she just stabbed the everliving shit out of me, because all of a sudden her new boyfriend has to take priority in her life and I get tossed away like complete garbage... I cannot even describe how much anger and hate and utter sadness and depression I feel, and I feel it almost every day, almost all spring and summer it just won't go away.... and now I'm like tearing up just trying to get all these feelings out. My best friend who I've known for about a decade and a half, who I trusted with everything, and I believed her and was there for her when NO ONE else was!! I BELIEVED one of her most craziest secrets, and no one else believes her, but I still do. I pretty much loved her, she was one of my closest family members pretty much. I cannot believe this is all happening, she has hurt me more that these words can describe properly. She fucking.... threw me away. I was just thrown away, and she doesn't even know or care. I have no idea why another person has to completely replace me when we couldn't just be together in harmony. I wanted to just have fun altogether, and be together... I don't really know how else to describe what's happening in my shitty life.

I was supossed to write this stupid long email that confronts them about what's been going on... basically the same sorta thing I wrote in Spring when I was acting cold towards her, but I cannot find the strength to write her anything. I never know what to say and I suck at saying anything, and I have a good feeling she won't give two shits about how much hell she's caused me this year. I just wonder if she is concious about what she's doing, like if she's doing all of this on purpose, or if she's so clueless about anything because she's so wrapped up in her own life that she forgets about her so-called "friends". She doesn't consider me a friend anymore, otherwise none of this would be going on. She treats me like shit, threw me away as if I was really nothing all those years. I have no strength or willpower to bring myself to confront her in email, I tried that already and she ignored my request to just be with her. She doesn't wanna be with me, ever. She... broke my heart. I'm just heartbroken. I don't even know if I could forgive her after all of this, I don't even know if I could be her friend anymore and get through this. I wish it was possible, I WANT HER to be my friend, I WANT her to want me.

A part of me just wishes I could die. I have no friends, just Ryan and an online friend who I can never be with. And Ryan works so I can't be with him often. Mostly I am just completely fucking alone and it's so so painful. I'm in so much pain and it's just building up more and more. I can't make friends easily, I never could, and especially when there's nowhere to go to meet people and no one who is anything similar to me. No one who is like she was. I wish crying could actually get the pain to fully go away, ugg.

Honestly, FML... I'm done writing for now...
7th-Jul-2013 03:24 am - ... Sashay is Gone [cat dying, death, pets, rip, sashay]
Sashay died... We took her to emerg where she got bloodwork, and it turned out her liver was failing and she was in very bad condition. We had to put her down, so she passed away in my arms. I'm completely... in despair and shock.
6th-Jul-2013 10:29 pm - Sashay Sick [animals, cats, pets, sashay, sick friends]
:/ My family and I just took Sashay (cat) to the emerg animal hospital, and had to leave her there for a few hours while they do bloodwork. I found her in a wierd place in the house earlier this evening and noticed she wasn't acting right. I took her to my Mom and we know she's somehow sick. I'm praying that whatever she has isn't deadly, like cancer or kidney failure. Bleh....
Obligatory pokemon shit. I just finished getting up-to-date on the new info and everything sounds promising so far. I really love the new pokemon released, and in one case REALLY REALLY love a certain new baby... noivern pretty much stole my heart! I ended up drawing 3 sketch pages of him today and I hope to do more tomorrow. At first I was disappointed with talonflame because the image I saw made the thing look as if he was wearing retarded-looking polkadot pajamas, but then I was able to see the official art clearly and he's pretty great, thank goodness! I was hoping fletchling would evolve into some badass bird, since I don't like too many bird pokemon and wish I could. However to think that the little robin would evolve into a fucking raptor was... quick escalation? lol! I also actually like clauncher and skrelp too, so I'm hoping they also get some sort of badass evolutions too so maybe I'll get them. The new flying insect is ok but it's eyes are pretty annoying to look at, so I'm unsure about it. One thing I can only pray to GOD will be included is the ability to get a godamn HAIRCUT in these games, because hot damn I want my character to have short short hair for once. Praying to God for short hair girl option. Also noivern is the shit and I fucking LOVE IT, and I will damn well be collecting his ass. <3

In other anime news, I completed watching Magi a little while ago, and I started watching Attack on Titan a couple weeks ago. Now I'm in both fandoms, I'm completely in LOVE with both. Both of them are fucking amazing.
23rd-May-2013 09:08 pm - Hypaa-Hyppaa [happiness, hyper, wtf]
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